One-of-A-Kind Porcelain Angels
My Angels are created one-by-one, and only by request.
Each Angel is truly One-of-a-Kind.

The Angels are dressed in beautiful hand-sewn silks, satins, lace and pearls, designed just for the person requesting the Angel.  The cones are lined with satin or silk, they have padded bodies and padded, movable arms.

Each Angel has real feathered wings, a golden halo, a small cross hanging from a hand-braided cord, and a matching silken bag containing a special gemstone chosen for the Angel from "Art from God".  Also in the bag are instructions on how to empower the Angel to be  your own special Guardian Angel.
"Special Angels for Special People"
I began by making Angels for just family and friends, and soon began selling a limited number over the internet.  Then in 1999, I began making Angels for the Children's Angel Project.  The more Angels I made, the more beautiful they became, and
more people began requesting special Angels
for loved ones who had passed away. 

It was clear to see that these Angels were special, when shopping for Angels after Christmas that year, we found tree-topper "Angels" at Hudson Belk selling for $60.00. 
Made of clear plastic cones, porcelain tops and glued ribbon, there was no doubt they had been produced in a factory. 
There was nothing special about them, and
every one of them was exactly the same.

Seeing those Angels really made me feel good
about the quality of the Angels I was making.

There are plenty of Angels to be found these days, but
the special ones are rare indeed.
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